Southeast Asian Voices in Education by Juliet Chang

COURSE: Asian American Studies 240: Southeast Asian Migration and Education

MEDIUM: Poster / Digital Collage / Digital Illustration

Eight different profiles of Southeast Asian students at UW-Madison are placed side by side to show the differences in their education and highlight the similarities they experienced.

As a Southeast Asian student myself, I wanted to create a project that visually captured the importance of representation within the classroom by sharing the perspective of other Southeast Asian students while also imploring the students to truly reflect about themselves. I asked students a few questions about their identity and their schooling experiences to build profiles around them. Using blurred portraits to maintain their anonymity, I hope to display how this translated to their K-12 schooling. With the use of bold colors, this art piece intends to contradict that experience and force viewers to notice them. It’s bright, pop art-y and is a visual shout for attention for those who were traditionally ignored.