EndoSalGal by Anna Marie Hugon

COURSE: Independant Project

MEDIUM: Digital Illustration / Infographic / Animation

An advocate & influencer in women’s reproductive health, EndoSal Gal is a social media presence with a purpose. Endosalpingiosis is a rare disease, and while similar to Endometriosis, it is dramatically lacking research, under published, and not a part of medical diagnosis training or curriculum. By combing an understanding of pathology, a personal medical journey, and artistic design I publish content and media aimed to educate the world about Endosalpingiosis.

My current series centralizes around the pain caused by adhesions and lesions within the female reproductive tract caused by Endosal disease. My inspiration comes from 15 years of personal pain, as well as many stories shared with me as I disclosed my own journey to others. While the portrayal of pain through movement is my main focus, I aim to integrate my advanced pathological knowledge and experience to each image. Before placing adhesions/lesions/cystic growths as the crucible of my art, I heavily reference medical journals, clinical cases, and published pathology findings with peer reviewed information. This way I ensure current factual knowledge, which I reference for every image. In this way, the art becomes a part of the STE(Art)M world in the diaspora of knowledge. With each piece I post, I strive to personalize an abstract diagnosis and empower women to advocate for their own reproductive healthcare.