Public Listening by Margaret Pint

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COURSE: English 550 – Smart Media and Critical Information Design

MEDIUM: Website

I created a hypothetical consulting firm, FD|Strategy, and a strategic program, “Public Listening.” The project was inspired by slavery abolitionist Frederick Douglass. His ability to create and maintain what I call “public listening” allowed Douglass numerous opportunities to gain enough information that he eventually utilized to gain freedom and the agency to speak. The project consists of a website, Prezi presentation, and abstract describing “Public Listening.” The purpose of the project was to create a service inspired from the humanities department and make it applicable to a particular group in society. My objective was to reveal how professionals can enhance their careers by participating in “public listening.” Through this project, I advocate my belief that one cannot successfully master public speaking until mastering public listening.

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Additional materials:
Website      Prezi Presentation