Forty Years Forward: A Look at the Role of Women in Athletics Forty Years Since Title IX Was Passed by Gemma Wilson

Forty Years Forward Thumbnail Image

COURSE: Journalism 202

MEDIUM: Website; Video; Infographic; Podcast

Having played sports almost my whole life, I was inspired by women who are thriving in athletic professions. College athletic departments have been seen as “boy’s clubs,” but there are no more signs reading “No Girls Allowed.” However, since women took their places in Athletic Departments after Title IX, there has been a dramatic drop in the numbers of female coaches. I made a website using the WordPress platform, to display different pieces of the story which explore unique aspects of the current role of women at the University of Wisconsin. These different pieces include an iMovie, Adobe InDesign print layouts, a podcast, and an infographic. These pieces allowed me to gain a better understanding of the changing relationship of digital media and journalism.

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