Prurient Interests by Rachel Carboni

COURSE: Art 636: Computer Augmented Printmaking

MEDIUM: Graphic Essay / Photography & Prints

Prurient Interests is a 22×28 handfed digital print. Inspired by Slavoj Žižek’s provocative 2003 Abercrombie & Fitch catalog, the print combines imagery sourced from contemporary digital pornography with the artist’s own writing on the subject.

The fleshy circus of online pornography has held my focus for years now. I imagine a good number of my peers agree, perhaps finding themselves trawling through the internet’s more salacious corners with the familiarity of an old neighborhood. I won’t pretend this fascination is purely academic–the roots of this project first took hold during one of my own visits to a popular adult streaming site, when I noticed some perplexing new micro genres among the usual deluge of smut. I’m interested in the politics of erotica. While porn has been around since the dawn of recorded history, the 21st century’s digital mutation has transformed the relationship between consumption and desire. I don’t present this work with the intention to moralize, but rather to invite its viewers to consider they are present in a dialogue between sex and labor in the digital age.