A Midlife Crisis, But in College by Eddie Estevez

MEDIUM: Video / Film

This is a video essay detailing my weird existential crisis that I had earlier this year. The video itself is made of clips that I have gathered over the past couple weeks using my phone. The video is a personal, somber story that is a nice contrast to the comedic videos I usually like to make.

When it comes to making videos, I usually tend to make comedic ones that some would call memes. However, I’ve been wanting to make something different that would be a nice contrast to all of my previous creations. Earlier in the year, I had what most would call an existential crisis lasting for a couple weeks, and I wanted to share my story about what I thought and what I did to come out of it. I am no expert on mental health nor philosophy, but I am an expert on what I think and believe. I think it’s important for people to be able to talk about the bigger questions and not feel afraid nor embarrassed to bring it up to the people that they care about. I wanted to open myself up within this video to encourage such a reaction and to promote a message of appreciation of the now within a time where people either don’t think about it or focus on how it’ll end one day.