Placidum by Ayodeji Okuleye

MEDIUM: Digital Illustration

DESCRIPTION: “Placidum” is piece I worked on that was slightly based on elements I saw in a real picture, mostly the depth of field aspect of the foreground. I wanted to keep that same element of the foreground but also have the completely abstract feel I generally seek. Pink and Cyan were the main elements I started off with for this piece. And placidum means peace or calm in Latin to convey the mood I was aiming for in this work.

ARTIST’S STATEMENT: In “Placidum,” I wanted to express the feeling of peace and quietness. I made this the first time I came to campus here and moved in, in the summer. I live in Lakeshore, and I decided to render this scene. I wanted to have a tree in focus and the tree to be a Sakura tree. This ties to my love of Japan and Sakura trees a premier tree that originated in Eastern Asia and we generally see it as the cherry blossom tree here on the west side of the world. This is one of my favorite pieces I have render and I hope you guys like it to. This piece also encapsulates the years of render experience I have in Cinema 4D and editing experience I have had in Adobe Photoshop.