Existence in the Time of Gender by Sarah Akakpo

COURSE: Gender & Women’s Studies 449

MEDIUM: Graphic Essay / Digital Illustration

DESCRIPTION:  This is a work creative digital feminist manifesto magazine created for my Gender and Women’s Studies 449 course. This work highlights my feminist views on gender and existence within our contemporary society. This work includes art, comics, poetry, and writing all which were digitally produced.

ARTIST’S STATEMENT:  I originally created this work for a Gender and Women’s Studies course, however as this work developed, it turned into something more. Not only is it a manifesto projecting my views of feminist gender theory but it presents them in a way that personally reflects my thoughts and feelings as I have grown throughout life. All the art and poetry included were passionately created and exposes a deep understanding of gender and how it has affected my world. As an artist and student studying feminism, I find that much of my art intersects with my feelings towards every aspect of my personal life. Being able to connect my art with my course work has opened up a new world for me as an artist.