Norway and the Faroe Islands | Cinematic Travel Video by Angelina Huang


This is a 2-minute 14-second short cinematic travel video showcasing the landscapes of Norway and the Faroe Islands. This was filmed and edited independently by myself (Angelina Huang) over my 3.5 weeks there. All the footage was filmed using a hand-held full-frame camera and a drone.

In the summer of 2022, I took the most incredible trip to Norway and the Faroe Islands. Being a photographer, I had only ever photographed the landscapes I traveled. I wanted to start videography so I could tell nature’s stories in a different light. I made it my mission to start filming during that trip, and as a result, I completed this passion project of mine. I feel that this film opened a lot of creative doors for me, and it has pushed me to travel, explore nature, and create more films.