Follow Your Happiness by Annika Hauser

COURSE: Communication Arts 355: Introduction to Media Production


As a female college student ponders how to answer the question, “Who are you?” for a Canvas assignment, she imagines all of the different possible careers and paths for her to go on. She soon realizes that she can truly be anything that she wants to be in part because she goes to the University of Wisconsin-Madison

The idea for this piece came from my own struggles that I’ve been having with figuring out what I would like to do with my life as well as what I want my final major to be. Since this project came up at the same time I was really struggling, I decided to create my project about these struggles and it acted as a sort of therapy, something for me to come back to anytime that I continue to feel confused and scared. I actually came up with the career and major struggle idea first before realizing that that concept alone didn’t fit into any of the three categories for the assignment, so I went back and decided to have it conclude as an advertisement for UW-Madison. I hope it serves as a reminder that we all feel this way, but that ultimately you need to choose what makes you happy.