Night Swim by Matthew Sojka

COURSE: Art 356: Coding for Graphic Design

MEDIUM: Video/Animation, Code Art, Audio, Data Visualization

Night Swim is a digital visualization of music using the Processing programming language which interacts with the audio input of the program and creates live, responsive video for guests to visually immerse themselves in both the music and complementary visual design.

Inspired by graphic collages like the ones produced by Turner Media’s Adult Swim, this piece looks to add a layer of visual stimulus to underground hip-hop instrumentals, elevating the masterful mixing and construction of these produced backdrops. The sharp waveforms and geometric transitions show visually what a listener might feel listening to this music at full-volume surrounded by four floor-to-ceiling walls of speakers. This piece is a tribute to the very late and very early hours of our daily lives, that liminal space of time approaching midnight and beyond, that opened my eyes to bombastic, violent, and belligerently beautiful artwork that felt like only the sleepless few were worthy of observing and capable of producing. The bright neon colors and pounding audio represent over-active, creative minds before the dawning sun arises and the light reminds us to try and get some sleep before the morning truly begins.