Modern Style of Recording and Remembering by Aimee Lee


MEDIUM: Digital Collage

I photoshopped an instagram outline over a historic image of my home country, Korea. The image is from the day when our country had become independent from Japanese colonization. The instagram user is made to look like Ryu Gwansoon, one of the famous women activists who helped earn freedom of our country, and might look like an influencer these days.

The tags in this image “history should be remembered” is inspired by the quote “A nation that forgets its past has no future.” It has been almost 80 years since Korea was liberated. I believe it has not been that long, but it is easy to forget that we were colonized by another country. It is important for our future generations not to forget history and be thankful for our everyday lives. In this work I used an instagram as a tool of recording and remembering.