Mapping the Qualitative Spaces of Dance by Sarah Bennett

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COURSE: Geographies of Dance

MEDIUM: Infographic; Poster

My poster will visually explore how dancers take up space and use space. Space is both an opportunity to move and a barrier to cross in dance. Dancers use the imagined, visual, physical, and energetic properties of space and the body to organize movement and elicit bodily experiences.

I will explore and compare Rudolf Laban’s theories of the dancer in the crystal with Maxine Sheets-Johnstone’s phenomenal qualities of movement. These are both familiar texts in dance studies, but have not been presented in a visual comparison before. I will loosely use cartographic design techniques to evoke their theories. My goal is to bring recognition to dancing as a spatial practice where space contributes importantly to the momentary, lived dynamics of movement. I will map a relationship between the body and space in dance.

Mapping the Qualitative Spaces of Dance 1 - an infographic by Sarah Bennett

Mapping the Qualitative Spaces of Dance 2 - an infographic by Sarah Bennett

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