Bully Be Gone Chelsie Zitzlsperger & Mike Hagerty

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COURSE: English 236 – Writing and the Electronic Literary


This is more than just a story or a game! “Welcome to Hayles Montfort High. Where’s the bully?” Using Inform7, my classmate and I created an interactive fiction titled, Bully Be Gone.

Nick Montfort defines interactive fiction saying, “By definition, IF is neither a “story” or a “game,” but, as all IF developers know, a “world” combined with a parser and instructions for generating text based on events in the world. The riddle is central to understanding how the IF world functions as both literature and puzzle. Interestingly, the riddle is a part of the literary tradition of poetry, not that tradition of the novel more often associated with IF.” The riddle ends up providing much of the pleasure for the interactor. Amidst the smaller puzzles that are found in each room, the overall riddle is the identification of the bully. The player should be surprised when they discover who the bully is!

This project is no longer available for viewing.