Madison in Color by Amelia Zanin

COURSE: ART 102: Two-Dimensional Design

MEDIUM: Digital Collage; Video/Film

This color “wheel” is monochrome to a human eye, but a collage of city sights to a phone’s camera lens.

One of my favorite things about art is how subjective it is. When I was assigned to make a themed color wheel it was the class’s very first project, and I was ready to make an impression. My mind left the box before it could even think inside of it, and soon I was brainstorming ways to make a color wheel…without color. The days I had to work on my idea were some of the coldest days of the year, so I expected a challenge when I set out to find multiple instances of 12 colors in the dead of winter. But besides keeping my fingers from freezing, I didn’t encounter a lot of difficulties- turns out the city is bathed in colors that I had never even noticed before. It was interesting what colors I saw lots of, like reds and yellows, versus which ones seemed to be rarely used in infrastructure, like pinks and purples. It was something I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise, but that I continued to notice for weeks even after I had turned in my project. As for my first impression, I got praise, a warning about following instructions, and a 95/100. I’m pretty pleased with that.

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