Keeping Music Alive: Multitracking in the Pandemic by Devin Cobleigh-Morrison

COURSE: Independent

MEDIUM: Audio; Video/Film

These are two of roughly 20 videos that will be added as a recorded component to my dissertation. The videos include recordings from various microphones over multiple price points, and encompass genres from the early classical era to modern day selections.

This is a very small component to my dissertation in creating a one-stop-shop for artists to keep their creativity alive in the COVID-19 pandemic. Health concerns have increased inability to play in large ensembles, especially as a wind player or vocalist. These are two of roughly 20 recordings performed, edited, mixed, and produced by myself and encompass an entry level USB microphone up to an intermediate microphone and audio interface. The works selected are relevant to what we learn as hornists for professional auditions, and works that spark joy in my personal life. Lastly, the arrangements in question are from the pen of budding young arrangers for horn ensemble. It is my hope that these projects keep them ‘on the radar’ throughout times where music is more silenced.

Gustav Holst/Sean Bresemann: “First Suite in Eb:” Chaconne. USB microphone in bidirectional mode:

Elvis Presley/Pentatonix/Jacob White: “Can’t Help Falling in Love” with USB microphone in stereo mode:

Billie Eilish “When the Party’s Over” with Rode Matched Pair Microphones:

Carl Orff/Frank Starobin “Selections from Carmina Burana”: Were Diu Werlt Alle Min with Rode Matched Pair Microphones: