Jinx by Maya Hysaw

COURSE: Communication Arts 355: Introduction to Media Production

MEDIUM: Video / Film

This short film is about a young depressed teen in college with a small group of friends who take her to one of her first parties. Unfortunately, something happens within the friend group that could change the dynamic forever…

This class made me realize how hard producing for individual projects truly is, but it’s what I ultimately want to do professionally and I’m ready to put in the work. That said, through the various complications in getting this filmed, editing was by far my favorite part and I feel more confident in Adobe Premier than ever. The number of tools available can be overwhelming at first, but once you understand what you’re doing and how to utilize them, you can create some amazing effects. That said, my short film overall aims to unveil a very sensitive subject that is usually hard to confront. I feel it important to raise awareness about real situations that happen and tried to handle it as appropriately as possible regarding what to and what not to show. Since my first submission last year, I think the growth of my skills is very apparent, and I’m super proud of how this turned out. From concept to final product, enjoy Jinx!

WARNING: Film contains sexual assault and alcohol abuse. Viewer discretion is advised.