Encourage Kindness by Katherine Zimmerman

COURSE: Independent Project

MEDIUM: Website / Blog

The message of this blog is to broadcast the benefits of kindness, spread awareness about social problems, and encourage people to start thinking about how they’re contributing to society/their communities. My hope is to make people aware of themselves and their actions by encouraging a more empathetic way of thinking and creating positive relationships within communities.

I created this blog my junior year of high school for an assignment; however, I continue to write and publish articles (as often as possible) to spread information about topics related to kindness, mental health, mindfulness, and well-being. I am passionate about leaving a positive mark in my community and creating a more empathetic environment for all. I believe that many people in our society are beginning to forget how to genuinely care for and connect with others. I’ve seen numerous people become so self-absorbed in their own lives they’ve forgotten how their behavior affects others—this occurrence has manifested into a deficit of mindfulness within social interactions. My goal is to reverse this negative social phenomenon by encouraging people to get connected again through kindness and altruism.

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