Curb Magazine: Out of the Dark by Journalism 417

Margarita Vinogradov, Editor in Chief
Molly Kehoe, Online Editor
Jess Gregory, Online Associate
Joe Rickles, Online Associate
Tamia Fowlkes, Multimedia Producer

COURSE: Journalism 417: Magazine Publishing

MEDIUM: Website / Blog / Print

In this issue, we will explore all types of stories rooted in the dark – both literally and metaphorically. In reading “Out of the Dark,” we invite you to challenge your beliefs about darkness and discover what it means to the people of Wisconsin. We hope to reveal how they embrace it, expose injustices in the shadows and highlight the unseen with a celebration of the dark. And hey, maybe you’ll come out a little less afraid of it.

ARTIST’S STATEMENT: (by Margarita)
This course was something I hoped to experience ever since first applying to the J-School. Leading this project taught both the professional management skills and the digital art and design skills I will bring with me into my creative career. Truly, it never felt like a class. My talented peers, especially on the design and online team, put in hours of work to put together this website, while the leadership and editorial team guided, created and edited each piece of content and art.

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*Note: This is the current edition of Curb. Previous editions of Curb may no longer be available.