Complete, Man Up & Passion to Serve Videos by Melissa Behling, with Mia Sato & Kate Jungers

COURSE: Journalism 417


Video 1: Complete

This video accompanies a Curb Magazine story about student parents. The video focuses on Brenna Demoulin and her daughter, Cyra. It highlights the hardships of being a student parent, while also recognizing Demoulin’s love for her daughter.

Video 2: Man Up

with Mia Sato – reporter
Anthony Cooper and Aaron Hicks lead Man Up, a program for former prisoners as they reenter into society at the Nehemiah Center for Urban Leadership in South Madison. Cooper and Hicks, who were both formerly incarcerated, seek to provide men a safe place to express their fears, needs and concerns as they begin their reentry journey. Man Up provides mentoring as well as practical skills and training, from how to set up a bank account to job hunting.

Video 3: Passion to Serve

with Kate Jungers – writer
While pursing their undergraduate degrees at UW-Madison, students prepare themselves for a career in the military through the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program. Though their inspiration to enlist varies, these men and women all have a passion to serve their country.