Badgers Branch Out by Kylie Thomasen


COURSE: LSC 432: Social Media for the Life Sciences

MEDIUM: Web/Blog or Photography/Prints

Badgers Branch Out’s purpose is to connect UW-Madison students to nature in the Madison area. I created accounts for Badgers Branch Out on Instagram and Facebook and developed a WordPress website, where I post weekly recommendations of green spaces for students to explore around Madison. I encourage my audience to use #badgersbranchout or tag Badgers Branch Out in the posts of their adventures around Madison for the chance for their photos to be shared on Badgers Branch Out. It’s a fun way to encourage them to get outside.

Although I took LSC 432 in the summer, Badgers Branch Out is far from over. Badgers Branch Out is a way for me to combine nature photography and social media to help other UW-Madison students explore Madison. Especially since students come from all over the state, country, and world, many of them may not know about all of the opportunities to explore nature in Madison. While its purpose is to help other UW-Madison students get outside, it’s helped me too. Although I grew up right outside of Madison, before Badgers Branch Out, I had never been to many of the places where I’ve taken photos. It has also helped me further develop my skills and grow as a photographer.

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