A-Eye by Max Herkert

COURSE: Art 356: Coding for Graphic Design

MEDIUM: Video/Animation, Code Art, Audio, Data Visualization

A-Eye was implemented using code in processing. I constructed the complex shapes using a combination of different berzierVertex calls as well as ellipses. I also imported a sound file from Epidemic Sound which I was able to get real time sound amplitude input from. I used this constantly updating amplitude variable as a parameter in my berzierVertex and ellipse calls to align the visual aspect with the sound. This is what gives the effect of the display changing with and being affected by the music that is being played.

A-Eye is a project of mine that explores the combination of code, music, and graphic design. It works to blend these three elements into one collaborative medium. A-Eye represents the recent awakening of AI (artificial intelligence) in our society and the eerie feeling that often comes with it. The slow but steady pulsing of the eye opening up goes hand in hand with the constant breakthroughs in AI technology as it becomes more and more human-like.