Visual Languages of Artificial Intelligence by Sam Griffin

COURSE: Life Science Communication 875: Visual Communication of Science

MEDIUM: Graphic Essay

Artificial intelligence is split into many risk domains; this project conducts a brief survey of AI stakeholder’s web-based visual representations of AI to determine if popular representations of general AI in film have affected the semiotics of narrow AI applications.

This project is a continuation of my final paper for LSC625, Risk Communication. I argued that general and narrow AI represent many different risk domains, and that social amplification of risk has the potential to amplify or attenuate risk between these domains (e.g. a Tesla car crash may effect perceptions or confidence towards medial AI applications that screen for cancer). The images and stakeholders selected in this graphic essay represent only a small sliver of the AI arena, and any conclusions drawn or suggested shouldn’t be taken as rigorous empirical evidence of any trends within visual representations of AI. I am a first year masters student in Life Science Communications with interests in public perceptions of technology (algorithms, AI, etc), as well as how new media technologies influence audience perceptions and behaviors.

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