Under Our Feet Episode 1: Assembling Wisconsin by Rudy Molinek

COURSE: Independent Project

MEDIUM: Audio / Podcast

Assembling Wisconsin is the first episode of my podcast that explores the geologic forces and events that shape the world around us. This episode tells the story of the first geologic events in Wisconsin, when the core of the state was amalgamated over 1.8 billion years ago..

My work aims to blend storytelling and science to help educate the public about the Earth system, with the hope of fostering stewardship and sustainability. Earth science is not a part of standard curriculum at any academic level, yet understanding how we fit into the world around us is critical to connecting to place and to contextualizing our actions and decisions. This is an opportunity, to educate people about their connection to our planet and its deep history, that my work seeks to inhabit.

Under Our Feet, my podcast, focuses on the state of Wisconsin, and tells the stories that compose the layers of the landscape upon which we’ve built our lives. From the thunderous collisions that built mountains near Mellen and Baraboo, to the volcanic rifts that created the Superior basin, to the vast ice sheets that scrape the north and eastern parts of the state smooth, Wisconsin contains multitudes. To me, these stories are wonderous and enlightening. I feel a deeper connection when traveling across the state to Lake Superior because I know the deep history of all the landscapes I pass through. My goal is to share that sense of wonder and enlightenment with anyone who is curious to learn more about the Badger state (including the geologic origins of that nickname, in episode 7).

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