Together by Campbell Fauber

A closeup two people holding hands.

COURSE: CA 155: Introduction to Digital Media Production

MEDIUM: Video/Film

“Together” is a short film I created for CA 155 that tells a story about the importance of staying connected to family and memories during difficult times when loneliness and nostalgia are ever-so-present.

I created this short film because I was initially feeling lonely being away from my family during the pandemic. Feelings of nostalgia also played a role in why I created this video and I wanted to bring to life the importance of spending time with family and keeping memories alive, even though it may feel difficult during such an uncertain time in our lives. Overall, my goal with this short film was to evoke feelings of love, nostalgia, and connectedness in the audience. As an artist, I love sharing parts of my life with others through creative projects as well as making the viewer of my work feel as if they can relate to my story and its messages.