The Happenings in Whistler Night by Magnus Gruendemann

four men looking down, shot from the perspective of the floor.

COURSE: Independent

MEDIUM: Video/Film

The Happenings in Whistler Night is a short film. Synopsis: As they struggle to find the killer, two detectives investigate a series of murders in which the victims’ blood is drained entirely from their bodies.

I am currently a student and director of self-funded amateur short films. This is my third short film which I am publicly releasing. My other films can be found on my YouTube channel, 1208 Arthouse. I aspire to be a full-time filmmaker and am currently practicing with these shorts.

Ian Grau – Cinematographer
Daniel Nassalang – Actor
Dani Lamay – Actor
Chani Danforth – Actor
Bridgete Ralson – Actor
Riley Kane – Actor
Evan Frestedt – Actor
Jay Campbell – Actor
Jamieson Foght – 1st AC
Hunter Gruendemann – 2nd AC
Lizzie Hoven – 2nd AC
Bryton Schwab – Lighting Tech
Tyler Blume – Sound