The Griddle by Grace Kaiser

COURSE: Design Studies 623: Interior Architecture IV

MEDIUM: Digital Illustration

The Griddle is a place for college students and families to come together to de-stress and reconnect over breakfast food. The menu emphasizes specialty waffles with fun combinations for all. Customers experience an enjoyable, relaxing atmosphere. The Griddle also has “syrup on tap” letting customers experience syrup infused with unusual, exotic flavors. All renderings were produced through Revit where I 3D modeled some furniture with custom modeling in pieces like both bars, booths, banquette seating, and light fixtures. I chose materials that were warm and light-hearted, with accents of gold and copper to add spontaneity throughout the space. I took the renderings and enhanced them with Photoshop and put the boards together using InDesign.; AS: We needed to come up with a concept for a restaurant located on State Street. I decided on a specialty waffle bar since that is a family friendly environment that people of all ages could enjoy, and there isn’t one currently on State Street. I went further and put my own twist on the restaurant creating a syrup bar with “syrup on tap”–syrups infused with unusual, exotic flavors, to further the customer experience. I wanted this place to be somewhere people could come relax and de-stress while enjoying each other’s company over breakfast food.