The Ten and a Half Minute Hallway by Jennifer Beth

Ten and a Half Minute Hallway Thumbnail Image

COURSE: English 563 – Literature of the Fantastic

MEDIUM: Video; Digital Photography; Website/Blog

In our project, inspired by Mark Z. Danielewski’s “House of Leaves”, we chose to explore manipulation of perception and the relationship between the  perception of space and the perceiver (how much of what we perceive is based on who we are, and how limited are we as humans in our perception of space?). We each created physical dioramas that explored the concept of the reader’s perception, as well as the relationship between space and the perceiver/reader. These dioramas were collectively explored in the video “The Ten and a Half Minute Hallway”. The dioramas that we all created are disorienting and terrorizing, much like the House on Ash Tree Lane In Danielewski’s “House of Leaves”, and as we see in our created “Ten and a Half Minute Hallway” video, our boxes are much bigger on the inside than on the outside.

*Parts of this project are no longer available for viewing.