Surrounded by Paper Islands by Laura Kim

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COURSE: Art 699 – Independent Study


In my video projects, I am currently interested in finding ways to capture, fragment, reconstruct the everyday scene and impose a surreal moment or ambience within those spaces.

By framing and reframing a scene using minimal props and simple gestures that evoke a visceral empathy, I have been trying to step into the zone of taboos, myths and occultist rituals creating an enhanced level of disturbing intimacy with the spectators. While I was reading books regarding these areas,I have been inspired by the poetries of Jerome Rothenberg, David Antin and Gary Snyder. Although poets and visual artists use different modes of visualization, their poems helped me formulate my own ideas and solve questions in structuring my own work. Moreover, I was captivated by the primitive metaphoric beauty of language; the beauty that each word, each phrase encompasses and how it was visually transferred and embedded into my mind by both triggering old memories and creating new ones. The mind seems to be a place where both in and out of the world both exists; ‘light and dark,’ ‘up and down,’ ‘in and out,’ are not direct opposites, but relative terms looped in an everlasting paradox where one cannot exist (or, in other words, fully understood) without the descriptions or knowledge of the other. The video, “Surrounded by Paper Islands” visualizes and dimensionalizes the mind and the necessary confusions that one must experience (which is what happened to me when I tried to read into the poems) in order to take a step further towards truth and self-realization.

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