Student Perspective of Madison, WI by Bianca Miceli

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COURSE: Curriculum and Instruction 209 – Digital Media & Literacy

MEDIUM: Infographic

What does Madison look like to someone who is not from around the area? This infographic shows what Madison looks like from the perspective of a student. It would be really useful to incoming freshmen or transfer students to see all the activities, academic opportunities, and culture that Madison has to offer. For current students, it is something cool to frame and put on their walls.

We used the bike path as a sort of compass. The towers closer to Mendota are relatively on that side of town, while the towers towards Monona are closer to that side of town. We have five towers. The first represents athletics in Madison. The second tower represents academics at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. The third tower represents local history and government that is central to the city. The fourth tower represents downtown nightlife on State Street and surrounding capitol areas. The final, and fifth tower represents what students think is around the city as far as activities and other cities. Again, this is from a perspective of people who are NOT from the Madison area.

Student Perspective on Madison WI - an infographic by Bianca Miceli