Solar Summer by Olivia Bratzke

Original Image

COURSE: ART 448: Coding for Graphic Design

MEDIUM: Generative Drawing


This is a computational drawing that uses Processing, an open-source programming language and computer code to create an abstract image using geometric bezier curves.

Solar Summer was created using mouse movement within computer coding. I had an original shape and wanted to duplicate it in a manner of movement. It reminds me a lot of what solar equipment could look like if it was colorful. I have always had an interest with abstract images, but I find it quite difficult to make images with organic shapes, so when I was introduced to the bezier code it really helped me open up to the ideas of more organic shapes with less harsh lines. As well as my favorite color is pink, and I love trying to create bright and engaging images, so that is where the pink, orange, and blue color palette comes from.

Original Image