A Perspective of Perseverance by Bryce Lakin

COURSE: English 100: Introduction to College Composition

MEDIUM: Audio Essay

I wrote this audio essay as a way to display the importance of perseverance within my life through the lens of the song “Got my Mind Set on You” by George Harrison. My essay spans multiple years of my life and displays a shift in my own perspective as I redefine the importance of perseverance for myself.

I enjoy connecting seemingly unrelated concepts together to form a greater “spider-web” of ideas. So when I was given the opportunity to connect a song to a variety of past experiences for a school project, I was immediately enthralled. A common theme throughout my life has been the importance of perseverance in the face of challenges. When something doesn’t go the way I expected it to, whether that be a commitment or opportunity, I was raised to follow through on what I had promised. As I was writing this essay, I noticed the changes within myself throughout my life and how George Harrison’s “Got My Mind Set on You” witnessed these changes as I grew both closer and further apart from the word that I had once thought I understood — perseverance.