Penguin Workouts by Ally Rilling

A screenshot of the header thumbnail of the Penguin Workouts App. It is two concentric circles, first black and then white against a coral pink background.

COURSE: Independent

MEDIUM: Web or Computer App

Penguin Workouts is an aesthetically pleasing, useful utility app that helps you get a quick workout in. Penguin’s UI is built in around the neumorphic style, so buttons and text fields appear to have depth. It is available on the iOS app store.

I created Penguin Workouts because I wanted a simple interface to randomly serve up different exercises to do each day. During the process of making the app, I discovered my passion for UI design. I realized how challenging it can be to create both a functional and beautiful interface. I wanted to surface useful actions while also maintaining a good looking app. I never really considered myself an artist in the traditional sense. However, in creating this app, I have found a love for “functional art.” I am drawn to creating things that people can use. It is my hope that Penguin can motivate people to be more active because they are delighted to open the app.

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