Mother’s First Daughter by Koala Yip

Mothers First Daughter Thumbnail Image

MEDIUM: Digital Photography; Video

“Mother’s First Daughter” is pre-meditation of a performative installation project during my residence in WID as recipient of Emerging Interface Award in 2012. The project will explore the notion of bodily motion imaging to create shared dialogues in art, science and technology.

Different body imaging techniques like photography, video, PET scan, X-ray, mammography, 3D scanning and modeling will be explored in this project. Inspirations: • “My Mother’s Breast: Daughters Face Their Mothers’ Cancer”, written by Laurie Tarkan • “Her Soul beneath the Bone: Women’s Poetry on Breast Cancer”, edited by Leatrice Lifshitz • *Photo by Dale Kaminski, PET scan image from Nuclear Medicine Unit – Pong Ding Yuen Clinical PET Centre Hong Kong, red dress from video performance “Semiotics of Grace’s Artist Studio” 2011.