Mother Nature is Speaking by Fatma Ben Said

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COURSE: ENVIRST 976 – The Practice of Conservation Biology and Sustainable Development


Examines impacts of humans on nature with the emphasis that nature does not need people to survive and that people do need nature to survive. We take the goods and services for granted and we are causing degradation and destruction of the habitats that plants and animals need to survive. We care about money and work hard to make as much as we can while we care less about the environment. A lot of people know about the environmental problems but they don’t do anything to help nature. The natural capital is indispensable to our economy. We need to open our hearts and minds and look at the state of our environment that has been constantly under pressure of expanding human society. We must reflect on our behavior toward nature, our over-consumption, and the choices that we make every day and change our choices and behaviors.

This video is an invitation to people to review their relationship toward nature. We, humans, are anxious about the economic growth and development and we forgot about nature which is the capital of everything important to us including our economy and well-being. We are taking all the environmental goods and services for granted and we continue to degrade and destroy our natural capital consciously and unconsciously and harming ourselves and the future generations.