MORE by Alyssa Rodriguez

COURSE: Communication Arts 355: Introduction to Media Production


My project “MORE” was a PSA that aims to discuss the topic of over-consumption. In the modern world, it becomes fairly easy to continuously buy products and material goods. However, I wanted to show how that consumption’s “good-feeling” effect only lasts to a certain point. We can keep purchasing a lot, but all we will be left with in the feeling of still wanting “more.”

I created this video because I felt it is something I have personally struggled with. I have been in the mindset of continuously buying new clothes in an effort to fit into new trends and/or appear more stylish. However, we don’t consider how bad over-consumption has become for our environment. We are shifting trends at an abnormal speed now, and most clothes and products become discarded. Thus, I am someone who likes to create videos that are honest and truthful to time right now. This is a problem that is affecting our environment and it generates a mindset of heavy material consumption.