Mad Students Podcast by Roze Javid

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This Podcast is made for the world and younger students interested to learn about different majors and find passion and purpose in attending Univesity and following higher education. Many people nowadays romanticize being a model or an influencer, saying things like that college is a “scam” or whatever. However, we are students in love with college life, here to prove to the world once again that knowledge is in fact power, and we want to romanticize it for you. This podcast is for EVERYONE: High school students can find their passion, college students can learn some tips and tricks to succeed, and professionals can gain connections, hire, and recruit from our podcast guests. A new podcast episode comes out on Fridays and sometimes on Wednesdays, only 20 minutes short and sweet to taste.

I came in undecided as a student not very interested in college at all. But soon after being exposed to wonderful people and accomplished mentors and students I slowly started to figure out what I wanted to do and pursue. I in fact fell in love with college calling my mom every day and telling her that its the best thing that has ever happened to me but I realized a lot of high school students and my classmates were burnt out of passion and didn’t know how to make the most of college. I wanted to let everyone know what they were missing if they didn’t pursue higher education and how they can make the most of it. I came up with the idea of this podcast where I research and found open intelligent and successful students some of my professors brought them on the podcast and let them not only share insight and advice to motivate students but also entertain them and bring them some joy through listening to this podcast. I reached out to my high school counselor and shared this project with him so that he could share it with kids in my high school and soon after we quickly gained 200 followers on Instagram and passionate students who love our podcast and we inspire them. And I hope that this podcast reaches more and more students so they can find mentors, role models, passion, and joy in every single day of their life as a student. And to remember we never stop learning and we never stop being a student so we better make the most of this learning life journey, and I hope this podcast becomes a source of joy and a tool for everyone to enjoy learning and sharing and getting inspired.


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