Inventions of the 20th Century by Katherine Sandheinrich

Inventions of the 20th Century Thumbnail Image

COURSE: Art 546 – Advanced Typography and Graphic Design

MEDIUM: Infographic; Data Visualization

This infographic was created to relay information about different “fun” inventions of the 20th century. I researched statistics about different inventions and narrowed the information down to a few facts. I created the object renderings and then used multiples of objects to help show the fact for that object. This was the first infographic I’ve created, and I enjoyed doing a project that involved so much research.

Katie Sandheinrich is currently a senior at UW-Madison, and was originally from La Crosse, Wisconsin. She is a part of the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at UW-Madison, and also pursuing a certificate in Entrepreneurship. Her focus is in graphic design, however she also enjoys photography. Katie is a graphic design intern at the Wisconsin Union.