Gendered Public by Annika Hauser, Alyssa Rodriguez & Becca Kempfer

COURSE: Communication Arts 355: Introduction to Media Production

MEDIUM: Video/Film

Gendered Public takes a couple fighting about gender roles to an alternate reality where gender doesn’t exist. We get to see life through an un-gendered lens and upon coming back to their reality Sam and Alex don’t even remember their petty argument and begin a better relationship unencumbered by gender roles.

I am a storyteller at heart and I love to spread anybody and everybody’s stories in order for the world to gain a little more empathy and community. It’s important to me that people be seen through art which to me is the best way to see one’s self. I analyze the small details in everything I do so that I can create clear meaning and motivation in every work that bares my name. Getting to work with this amazing production team and cast showed me how gratifying and magical it is to see a work go from idea to concept.

Annika Hauser: screenwriter, post-production
Alyssa Rodriguez: cinematographer
Becca Kempfer: set-up, post-production

Malcolm McCanles: Sam
Bree Bylak: Alex
Danielle Bullock: Friendly Face