Gemini by Isha Camara

Gemini Thumbnail Image

MEDIUM: Digital Collage, Digital Photography

This work is to be seen as a poster and/or book cover. It was made in Adobe Photoshop and is the manipulation of two figures in two different photoshoots. Then one was flipped so the images reflect one another. The light color worn by the models are fun and colorful, while the lighting and coloring of the photo is dark and gives a haunting feel. The image is also less saturated to give it the look of an old photo.

Isha Camara is a 18 year old visual and verbal artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her art first started with scribbling over napkins and getting in trouble for drawing all over tests and homework. She always managed to grab some printer paper and leftover pens and let her hand flow freely. However, getting proper brushes, paints and/or real drawing paper wasn’t possible due to other financial obligations that took place at home. It made her feel as though her sketches would only remain as doodles. However, that didn’t stop Isha from watching videos of other artists, learning techniques and personalizing it to her own craft. When she reach UW-Madison, under the First Wave Full-Tuition scholarship, new doors had opened for her. She obtained books, fabrics, and textures, all at her disposal. And to top it off, she found herself surrounded with artists who were willing and able to teach her more of what visual art could be, breaking boundaries all around her. Isha can proudly (and shyly) call herself a visual artist today.