Fustercluck by Haley Traun

Fustercluck Thumbnail Image

COURSE: English 177 – Literature and Popular Culture: Stories, Maps, and Media

MEDIUM: Website

Fustercluck includes various uses of digital medias, such as pictures, videos, and “GIFS” that work to tell stories through the electronic medium. It functions as a Cosmogram- which is an exploratory concept from Gregory Ulmer that includes a collection of memories, places, images, and ideas that are put together and results in a realization of the artist. These components result in the invention of a work that imprints a human story in electronic space.

Fustercluck is largely a personal work that both reveals and conceals my thoughts, ideas, and reflection. Cosmogram was a new concept to me, and through experiment and invention, I was able to create a work for others to explore. More importantly, Fustercluck serves as an artistic, personal, and digital story that will stay in electronic space. In this digital age, people explore new ways to tell stories and document them, and that was the end goal that I worked towards in creating the website.

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