El Loco by Hanna Cardona

MEDIUM: Digital Illustration

This vibrant digital artwork was inspired by the Rider Waite Tarot Deck as it portrays a spin on the tarot card titled “The Fool.” This card typically represents new beginnings and growth, therefore, I opted for a bright color palette to portray the excitement that comes with healing and growing. This artwork was inspired by Afarin Sajedi’s The Servant and Renee Magritte’s The Lovers, and both are referenced through the woman’s headpiece and the masked man respectively.

“El Loco” is the translation of the tarot card titled “The Fool.” This card is an indicator of new beginnings; therefore, I was inspired by the original Rider Waite Tarot Deck artwork for the background, tie, and concept of this piece. I referenced the masked man from Renee Magritte’s The Lovers to portray the unknown nature of someone’s new identity as they reinvent themselves. From the stick he holds, I hung the woman from Afarin Sajedi’s The Servant to show how we don’t have to shun or hide our past. Instead, we should heal that past self as we continue to move forward.