Dolphin’s Cry by Yoonsin Oh

Dolphins Cry Thumbnail Image


Dolphin’s Cry is inspired by the documentary film, The Cove, which uncovered the Japanese massacre of dolphins.

I felt very sad seeing them crying and trying to get away from the fishermen’s net and spears. By the time the cove’s water turned blood red, I was horrified and wanted to help them and imagined holes in the nets that they could escape through. This game introduces players to the dolphins’ situation in a child-friendly way where players have an opportunity to save the dolphins from their trouble.  Use the arrow keys to move the dolphin to go through  the layers of nets and rejoin your family.

NOTE: This project was created during the Global Game Jam.

Download this game! — This came needs Adobe Flash to run. After the game loads, you will need to click ON THE GAME before you press the space bar to start. Then use your arrow keys to make the dolphin swim.