Curb Magazine 2014 by Journalism 417

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STUDENTS: Megan Hakes, Natalie Amend, Ashley Berg, Garth Beyer, Chapin Blanchard, Ally Boutelle, Barbara Gonzalez, Michelle Gonzalez, Haley Henschel, Mara Jezior, Lauren Mather, Esta Pratt-Kielley, Grey Satterfield, Emily Skorin, Jasmin Sola, Lanni Solochek, Katy Stankevitz, Laken Stramara, Jesse Tovar, Kristen Tracy. Samantha Wolfin

COURSE: Journalism 417 – Magazines and Magazine Editing

INSTRUCTORS: Katy Culver and Stacy Forster

MEDIUM: Website; Magazine; Digital Publishing

For the past three months, J417 students have traveled around Wisconsin to explore the role of land in shaping Wisconsin identities, communities and passions. is home to articles, videos and multimedia features, including maps, timelines and graphics, that share the stories we unearthed.

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*Note: This is the current edition of Curb. Previous editions of Curb may no longer be available.