København fra Luften [Copenhagen from the Air] – Aaron Hathaway


This video project is a compilation of footage that I captured with my Phantom 3 Professional drone over the summer of 2017 while I was abroad in Denmark through UW’s International Internships Program. I’ve been a commercially licensed drone pilot for 1.5 years and compiled this project as a way to document and remember my sense of place in Denmark, as well as to thank the friends that made me feel so welcome there.

I’m a commercially licensed drone pilot, and have been using my drone for the past year and a half to document my surroundings – working as a journalist and a hobbyist, the ability to capture this aerial perspective is a valuable tool in establishing and recording a unique sense of place. Last year I had the opportunity to live in Copenhagen, Denmark for seven months, spending the spring as an exchange student and the summer as a reporter at a local newspaper. During that period I found a deep connection with Copenhagen, and still hold a great appreciation for its architecture, infrastructure, and culture. I shot the footage seen in this video during the summer of 2017, intending to compile both a personal document to remember places of great meaning to me, and also as a way of thanking those who made me feel welcome and connected. I hope this video conveys that sense of place, and expresses some fraction of the emotional component of discovering and coming to feel at home in a new setting.