Consultation Worksheets

A student filling out a DesignLab consultation worksheet with a DesignLab pen


If your instructor has required a consultation or giving extra credit for a consultation, follow these instructions to get credit:

  1. Before your consultation:
    • Download and/or print the DesignLab Consultation Worksheet.
    • Fill out the top and middle sections (this is a fillable PDF***).
  2. During your consultation:
    • Bring your Consultation Worksheet with you to your consultation or have it available on your computer to take notes.
  3. At the end of your consultation:
    • In-Person Appointments: Ask the DesignLab consultant to stamp your worksheet.
    • Virtual Appointments: Upload the post-consultation confirmation email to the Consultation Worksheet. (Post-consultation confirmation emails are sent shortly after the end of the scheduled consultation time.)
  4. After your Consultation:
    • Submit to your completed Consultation Worksheet to your instructor via their preferred method.


Download the Consultation Worksheet

***We recommend using Adobe Acrobat rather than using your browser or other PDF viewers to fill out your Consultation Worksheet.


As a learning support service, students must self-disclose whether they have consulted with DesignLab. We have come up with a system to help students provide proof of a consultation to their instructors that is consistent across all courses. Students should fill out the Consultation Worksheet and follow the instructions on this page to receive proof of their consultation from a DesignLab staff member.

What Instructors Need To Do:

  1. Explain to your students that they must fill out the top and middle sections of the Consultation Worksheet PRIOR to their consultation and have it with them during the consultation.
  2. Please set the deadline for required/extra credit consultations to be at least 3 days prior to the due date of the assignment so that students have time to make DesignLab suggested changes after their consultation.
  3. Be sure students understand that they either need a DesignLab stamp or a copy of their post-consultation confirmation email (Titled: Student Name – DesignLab Consultation Confirmation) on their Consultation Worksheet. Please do not accept signatures, and be wary of emails that only confirm that students made an appointment, but don’t confirm they attended said appointment. (These post-consultation emails are sent automatically after every appointment that is not cancelled).
  4. Have clear instructions for how students should submit the completed form to you (i.e., via Canvas, email, etc.).
  5. If you have not already discussed this with a DesignLab staff member, please notify DesignLab if you are giving extra credit or requiring a consultation appointment with DesignLab as part of a course assignment. Please email Mandy ( with the course name, number of students, and information about the assignment.

DesignLab Policy for Required or Extra Credit Appointments

If instructors are considering giving extra credit or requiring a consultation appointment with DesignLab as part of a course assignment, it is important for the DesignLab staff be able to plan for and facilitate that process. If you want to include a DesignLab consultation as a part of your course, please contact Mandy ( before the course begins to learn more about how students can submit proof of their DesignLab consultation and other ways we can make the most of DesignLab for you and your students.