Can All Animals Swim? by Cody LaCrosse

Can All Animals Swim Thumbnail Image

MEDIUM: Animation Video

This video was a three week personal project that I took up during the summer. About a week and a half was spent researching, writing, audio, and editing while the other half was spent making the images and slides. Surprisingly, all images were made on MS Paint, audio was recorded on Audacity, and video editing was done using a six year old version of Sony Vegas. In other words, this was truly a low-budget production. I have hopes of making more videos in the future, but I plan on transitioning to on-camera with a more serious tone.

There’s a wonderful space that exists in between science and the humanities. Here, learning about the world is fun, engaging, entertaining, and accessible. This is where I feel the most comfortable and where I want to focus my attention in the future.