Born from the Chaos by Wanyi Chen

MEDIUM: Digital Imagery

All my works are mixtures of hand painted figurative images and computer generated fractals, which have chaotic mathematical properties. Through this combination I hope to convey my understanding of human perception and connection. Our brains don’t like uncertainty and build up concrete models from meaningless patterns. And people from different cultures and backgrounds may perceive the same chaotic images differently. The most important thing about my creation is a subconscious conversation between me and the audience. I have shown my perception and I hope to inspire others to see their own.

The piece Julia contains a very typical 2D fractal, called Julia Set of some mathematical operations and that’s how it gets the name. The other two contain projections of much more complicated 3D fractals. The lattice in Muses Of The Wind and the random curves tracing the fish profiles in Born From The Chaos shows my perception of the process that our brain “builds” concrete images from abstract patterns.