Book Covers and Timelapse Videos by Chris Kolmorgen

Americana Thumbnail - digital image by Chris Kolmorgen

COURSE: English 457

MEDIUM: Digital Imagery, Video

I crafted four book covers as a digital final project for my English class. My specific motivation was to create enlightening art through the new covers and time-lapse video, and to challenge myself artistically to communicate a specific rhetorical message with each piece.

I strongly believe that powerful meanings can be derived from visual artistic mediums. I also know that my training throughout college has prepared me to craft professional quality art to fulfill specific purposes / communicate specific meanings. By using the skills I’ve developed in my classes, I am confident that I’ve achieved my rhetorical purpose in crafting each of the four posters. In a sense, what I’ve made is akin to fan art—which is a phenomenal way for artists to engage with a text. It requires the designer to interpret and analyze a text for the purpose of evoking emotion and meaning. Personally, looking at the work of fan artists on websites like DeviantArt has helped me see texts from new and fresh perspectives, while also appealing to recognizable aspects/motifs of the texts that I identify with. When fan art is crafted skillfully, it can be extremely evocative and pull the meanings of a literary work into an immediate, visual realm for analysis.