Be by Derek Ho

COURSE: Independent

MEDIUM: Photography/Prints; Website/Blog

With all that has been happened, I’ve forgotten what it feels like to just Be and I don’t think I’m alone. To simply be present in the moment without worry — to be. This album is for those who’ve forgotten this simple joy because of what we struggled through. We’ve pushed through thus far but there’s still more to overcome. So before that sense of worry bothers us again, let’s just lift our chins up for a moment, look up and Be. Be in awe of the world once more. Be inspired by the tenacity of others. Be courageous enough to change the world, one step at a time. Be present to actually enjoy life once more. So Be.

Derek Ho captures art in all things – science, nature, and people; and uses photography as a way to live in the present moment. Through his lens, he would like to share with you his most intimate memories of the past year. As he pursues his Ph.D. in Biological Systems Engineering, Derek embraces the many connections of natural systems and its nuances. As a hobby he distills them into his artwork, creating a very natural yet complex composition in his work. His focus of space and time simplifies the complexity of reality into a single frame with a rich narrative to bring out what he thinks is blootiful.

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